Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cleaning Update 3-14-2010

Happy Pi Day Everyone!

In honor of Pi Day I ate Oreos and cleaned:

  • 1 load of laundry
  • 2 loads of dishes
  • 1/4 of the dining room table
  • the floor behind the futon
  • hung a painting up
  • cleaned and found a home for the tile table I made in school
Cleaning the floor behind the futon entailed moving 2 boxes of books from home into the JunkRoom, as well as breaking down boxes and putting the cardboard in the pile of cardboard recycling.

So while the area behind the futon is now cleaned and vacuumed, it comes at the expense of some more JunkRoom space. 

I recognize that this just makes the JunkRoom that much more difficult to tackle, but the progress and regained space makes me feel just great.

The kitties are all excited that they have this area back.  (Tho they probably will miss the giant box they jumped into and out of all the time).

The box had a fake mouse inside which may be the reason they spent so much time in the box.

The wall pre-painting...and a little shot of the printer which needs a home aside from the coffee table.

The area before I liberated the kitty's playtoys.  The table turned out to be a convenient landing pad for kitties jumping out of the big box.
The painting in it's new home.
A very happy kitty surveying the exciting new expanse I have created for her and her mother to romp in.


  1. So, this is very exciting. I'm happy to see that there is continued movement toward this goal. I hate to hear that you are just shifting things from one place to another though, therefore, I am offering the use of my truck to take as many truckloads of recycling to where it should go...where things get recycled!! Let's schedule that and you will see a big improvement in space in a very short amount of time!! You will then get to find real homes for the things you really want to keep and create great space for the things you people! Let me know!