Monday, March 8, 2010

Cleaning Update 3-8-2010

Things I cleaned today:
  • Took 3 paper boxes full of recycling to be recycled
And that's about it.  It's a 6 month marathon, not a sprint.  Tomorrow should be more productive.

I have LOADS of recycling to take, but I think a slow and regular drop-off is the best plan.

At some point that mountain of cat-litter containers need to make their way to be recycled.

For several years I was SURE I was going to use some silicone caulk, tubing, and water to create an outdoor fishtank to put on my balcony.  Or perhaps raise brine shrimp in a lower level, and guppies or mollys in the upper levels (so that the brine shrimp get higher salinity, and the guppies have the brackish water they like.

But now I just need to save a couple of them to use to refill with cat litter from my local pet supply store which allows me to fill my own containers at 25 cents a pound for "premium" clumping litter.

Today's offering to the recycling gods.  All the plastics pre-sorted to save time when I drop them off.


  1. A slow and regular drop off is something you do when you don't have surplus. Get rid of it all and then take your accumulated recycling as you need to

  2. 1 reason for the slow and regular drop off is to assist with the sorting. It's much easier to see all the tiny little 1's, 2's , 3's, and 5's at home than in the lights at the recycling place.

    Need to get Project Dumpster done first tho.