Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cleaning Update 3-16-2010

Things I cleaned today:
  • The mess an old exploded coke can left (with the remnants of my Magic Eraser)
  • Counters (with Windex)
  • Litterbox & surrounding area (also w/ Windex)
  • 1 load of dishes
So prior to the blog I have had several fridge cleaning sessions with friends.  On the last round of "but I need that, that can't POSSIBLY be expired already", I grudgingly gave in and agreed to discard an old can of coke.

Right after the last fridge cleaning session I also did a pantry cleaning session and set aside all of the cans that are expired.  My dilemma is that all of these canned goods are:
  1. Expired
  2. In cans which can be recycled
  3. Still full of food (which is now expired)
I have been delaying the best solution to this b/c of the cold.  My thinking is that the best solution is to bring a can opener, a box for empty cans, and my expired stockpile to the dumpster and go to town.

As a result, my can of expired Coke has been sitting on the edge of my sink.

Imagine my surprise today when I discovered it had exploaded and leaked all over my Magic Eraser, 2 sponges, and box of Baking Soda I use for cleaning at the sink.

The spill was VERY thick and sticky which is odd because when I opened the can (it leaked through some invisible hole in the side) what I poured out looked the consistency/fluidity of regular Coke.

Since I really DON'T want to see the inside of any of the other cans, I obviously need to have my little dumpster excursion soon.

The offending can
Yep, it even got the blender

Notice that it's all over my pile of sponges

In response to some of my commenters, yes I agree that it's time to tackle the Recycling in a big way.  Yes it IS bad to simply move the clutter from place to place, but having a Junk Room is a wonderful thing because it allows me to make VERY visible progress quite quickly, something which helps to provide the motivation to continue working.

I think moving the recycling en-masse is a good way to move on to the stage I'm dreading...separating the things which I have been saving for years in to groups to sell, give, or trash.


  1. youve inspired me to use my own blog that i have yet to use as a self help motivator! ill link you the blog :)

  2. Yay for blogs providing motivation. Certainly helped me get started